Reiki Sprays

Our Reiki Sprays are hand made and combine the properties of pure essential oils with Reiki energy in order to enhance your surroundings and your life.

Each bottle of Reiki Room Spray is energised by a practising Reiki master and can be used by you where you think the Reiki energy is needed.*



All postage and packaging in the UK is £3.00

For all international postage rates please email us at


*The large size Reiki Spray is recommended for repeated daily use by therapists and in clinics, hospices etc, due to the three month shelf life.



Rose & Bergamot Reiki Room Spray
Tranquil Baby Lavender Reiki Room Spray
Citrus & Sweet Orange Reiki Room Spray
Lavender & Bergamot Reiki Room Spray
Lavender & Melissa
Christmas Spices