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Our products combine the properties of pure essential oils with Reiki energy in order to enhance your surroundings and your life.
Our Reiki Room Sprays are used by therapists in their treatment spaces but they are equally effective in providing a sweet-smelling and positive ambiance wherever you are. Our handbag-sized spray bottles make this a convenient option for anyone.


We are committed to making products which use natural ingredients and will always try to use as few ingredients as possible, as in our Reiki Room Sprays, to avoid chemical overload.


Our products are made in England from high quality materials and are not tested on animals.
They are to be used as ambient sprays only and should not be consumed.
For best effect, shake the product well before each use, protect from bright sunlight and use within three months.

aqua, alcohol, coconut-derived emulsifier (Polysorbate 20), pure essential oils (all energized by Reiki)



The testimonials on this page have been willingly provided by clients and students who have given us their permission to use their words. To preserve confidentiality, their identities cannot be ascertained from their initials, though attributions are preserved confidentially for legal purposes.


“I took Reiki 1 & 2 …Linden was very welcoming and if I struggled with any element of either course she was happy to explain again. The courses were excellent and I now feel confident to perform Reiki on my clients.” 
Mrs W J, Chester


“Linden has been a true inspiration. Her Reiki sessions have been excellent. As a teacher she has also taken me through Reiki 1 and 2 in such a professional manner that Reiki has become a wonderful part of my everyday life. I have also purchased Reiki cards and Reiki room spray, some for myself and some for presents… I would definitely recommend the services that Linden provides.”
Ms K Y, Chester


“I had considered taking my Reiki experience to the next level… but having met Linden, I knew the time and the Master were what I had been waiting for. Linden was warm and welcoming when I first went to meet with her to discuss the Master Attunement and the weekend of the attunement convinced me I had made the right decision. Two years on, she continues to offer support.”
Mrs B B, Chester


“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Have been using my new Power !!!”
Mrs  D Z, Chester


“Thank you so much for a lovely 2 days. I really enjoyed myself and have already been practising…. Again, thank you. I’m glad it was you who taught me my Reiki Master’s.”
Ms K C, Reading


"I am a student of Linden's as well as a customer. Linden came on recommendation to me. Within a week I contacted book on for training...
I completed  Level 1. I absolutely loved it !! I felt calm, warm, inspired and couldn't wait to learn more... I have also completed my Level 2 Reiki. Linden is always there for any have after your training. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I even treated myself to a treatment after my training."
Ms D K - Chester



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